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2020/2021 HSC Rd. 13 race to the finish!


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We're nearly there!

Double round bonus!

This will be the final round.


Pole Position II

Suzuka Track 4



Motor Psycho

Track 3

(press select to access track select screen)



Rounds end June 15


HSC points as of round 12:

90 - oyamafamily

85 - roadrunner

83 - Dr Moocowz

81 - toiletunes

80 - NIKON
70 - jeremiahjt

70 - BydoEmpire

31 - jblenkle

29 - Namco Player

21 - Dauber

19 - Rick Dangerous

16 - Deteacher

10 - Cousin Vinnie

9 - slx


Pole Position II scores:

31,640 oyamafamily

30,940 Dr Moocowz

30,480 jeremiahjt

30,260 thursday83

29,230 BydoEmpire

28,920 NIKON

19,880 roadrunner

19,470 Rick Dangerous


Motor Psycho scores:

329,776 jeremiahjt (new record!)

216,009 Rick Dangerous

214,622 Dr Moocowz

209,128 NIKON

125,727 oyamafamily

108,181 roadrunner

84,182 BydoEmpire

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8 hours ago, jblenkle said:

I see the first screen with Test, Fuji, Seaside and Suzuka, but I'm not seeing the Track Select screen. I'm playing in emulation on ProSystem 7800.

To access the track select screen in Motor Psycho, press the select button (or equivalent for emulators)

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For Pole Position II I got 30,090 points and for Motor Psycho I got 329,776 points.  I was only able to make it past the first lap once on Motor Psycho and I made it all the way to the third lap.  I do not think I ever got an Extended Play on Pole Position II, but I may have.


I was having so much trouble on Motor Psycho that I played the first track to see if I could finish the race.  I could not.  I did play Test once on Pole Position II and I made the Pole Position and finished the race.

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Pole Position II: 30940

Motor Psycho: 214622


Been a very long time since I played Pole Position and a bit better than I remember. I don't think I could qualify on Suzuki when I was a kid. Motor Psycho, first play. It's... fine? If I find it in a store, I'm less likely to pay full retail for it. Hopefully it'll come up as one those things where people just lump it in with common 2600 carts. :)



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