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My Software Library: A Preservation Effort

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1 hour ago, Rybags said:

Cheers... I was unable to find a DBasic manual from a quick search.


But I do have a photocopy I did back in the day - problem though is it's probably 200 pages worth.  Might start scanning it at some point.

That'd be very nice, I've enjoyed reading the Dtack grounded issues a few years ago, I'm sure this manual will be equally fun to read.

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I have just attached a new Greaseweazle v4 to my Atari ST external drive and produced a copy of Midimaze!

I initially tried a USB 2.0 port on my PC but got the best result from a USB 3.0 port with higher current rating, and feeding the floppy drive with 5V from the Greaseweazle port. I used a standard PC twisted floppy cable for the data connection. Is this the usual arrangement?

This original disk has history as up to 10 people in a MIDI ring used it to load the game alternately on frequent meetings known as MIDIMAZE!

It was difficult to copy at the time as copies produced weird symptoms in the game if more than 4 people were playing, so we used this one original disk. Not sure what protection it used. It seems to centre on track 0.


Midimaze SSDD GW (TZJB) 20230320.zip









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