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My Software Library: A Preservation Effort

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The original zips were just the files added to a zip as I was not able to figure out how to make images on the Atari.  Today I figured it out.  I found MSA2.3 here.  It allows me to make an MSA image on the Atari.  Since I do not have a PC with a floppy controller on it, it was the only way I was going to get images.


I transfer the MSAs to the PC and use MSA Converter to change them to .ST and zip them in one step.


All previous posts have been updated with the .ST image.  All future posts with unprotected software will only be posted with the .ST image.

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Circuit Maker II - UPDATED! Now includes 2nd disk image, manual, alternate reference and registration - Does not seem to have copy protection.

Circuit Maker II.zip 

Now includes 2nd disk image

Circuit Maker II Manual.PDF

Circuit Maker II Alternate Reference.PDF

Circuit Maker II Registration.PDF



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