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Elite: Dangerous so broken right now

Cobra Kai

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Frontier released the Odysee expansion last week on PC, and console owners got an update at the same time, and it screwed the game up so bad I don't want to play it. Ranking up with the Fed or Empire is broken, completely. Meaning, you can't rank up at all, so doing missions is pointless. 


Also, I can't do surface mining in the SRV for raw materials. I went to my normal spots for this, and although the geological activity is still there, you won't find any targets to mine. Just nothing. 


Instancing is screwy also. I flew to a HGE target, and when I instanced into the zone, all of a sudden I was back at the Star! I'm done with this game unless they fix this buggy crap.

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I think I'm done playing this game for now. It really is in terrible shape, and there seems to be no plans to fix the many issues with it. I did have some fun with it, and worked to buy an end-game ship (Corvette), fully engineered it, did the Guardian stuff. I even have over 90 first discovery credits, so my gamertag will be in the game forever.


I have had enough of the game crashes though, man, I have never played such a game that just crashes like this one does. I've had enough of the grind-fest relog mechanic too. I thought, OK, there's a couple things you can do with the re-logging exploit to make acquiring some things easier, like Jameson Cobra to get rare data. I did this a few times because the encoded data you get from there, well I've never seen it anywhere else, so it's like the only place you can get it. But, Frontier Dev builds this mechanic into the game for just about everything. They've made something that is an exploit, and built 'gameplay' around it. 


What am I saying? You can't play the game straight, you have to do the relogging thing if you want to compete in the community goals, or just to do something in a reasonable time. So I've had enough of it. It feels like cheating, but it's cheating that Frontier encourages you to do. What a screwed up mess.

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That sucks, Cobra Kai.  When I was playing Elite Dangerous hardcore a couple of months back, I would see you on almost every day.  I actually haven't played Elite Dangerous since the Odysee drop for the PC.  I know Odysee has been a big shit show on the PC side, but didn't know it effected the console side as well, other than it was delayed for console. Hopefully Frontier can get its act together and get this game back in shape.  


I play Elite Dangerous in spurts, but have been playing it since the beta on the Xbox.  When I do play, I'll play it almost every day for like a month or two strait.  I grinded Imperial rank and bought the Cutter, but still need to engineer it. I was grinding a combo of passenger, trading and combat missions for achievements and credits to help pay for the crazy amount of credits needed for the upgrades.  I was getting the urge to jump back in as well, but maybe I should give it a little more time. 



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Yeah man, the game crashes too much on me still, so I quit completely. I was getting burned out too, but the crashing just enhanced my frustration. According to their forums, the number of players on Steam have been drastically reduced since Odyssey, and it will die if they don't fix game crashing bugs. Nobody wants to play a game you have to reboot at random times. Also, I feel like I've ran out of things to do ever since I got my Corvette. I think I have two choices should I decide to play again. I can either build an alien fighting ship and go hunt Thargoids, or I can head out on my own and do exploration.  

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