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.bas vs .asm ROM utilization?


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With ROM size, being so limited on atari games, I am wondering.

How efficient is bB compared to .asm when it comes to building a binary?

If you were to build the same game in bB and .asm does the basic version utilize a lot more rom space, since it's a higher level language?

Or does the compiler really do a good job, and end up generating about the same raw size as if it were an .asm source file game?



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Compared to C, bB imposes some restrictions on how you can use your statements in order to better align with how 6502 instructions work, so it would be closer to the final assembly than a less constrained language would be, but of course, doing it in ASM would certainly save a bit more of space. It would certainly be interesting to have some hard data on how big the gains could get.

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