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STOS Basic - Newbie needs Help

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Hi. After long programming with batari-Basic (Atari 2600) i found out that my game-ideas are beyond the limitations of the little 2600. Now i want to put my ideas on a ST-machine but i will need help:


There is a good STOS Tutorial, using the hatari-emulator. Visual Studio Code Editor supports STOS-Basic too, saving the code as *.stos. 


My qustion: Is there a way to put the code from Visual Studio Code Editor into the hatari emulation with "cut and paste"? I have found no way to compile and run the code in the Visual Studio Code Editor (is it possible?), or to save the Visual Studio Code Editor code in a format that can be used by STOS in the emulation? 


I think it´s very easy, but without perfect english i´ve overseen something. Maybe a missing configuration in Visual Studio Code or a unknown hatari-shortcut? Or do you everything inside hatari? 


Please help - thank you :)



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If it is saved in format good for STOS Basic you should only change file extension from that stos to max 3 letter, capital extension - because that's what works with old TOS . And of course filename self too to max 8 letters, capital. Like GAMEID.STO  .  Sorry,  I don't keep in my head this extensions, so you need to look for it yourself. 

Now, I guess question 'how to pass that file to STOS in Hatari ?" - Use GEMDOS hard disk emulation and assign DIR on your PC to be Atari logical drive ( like C ) .

Considering  copy (don't cut, pls. ? ) and paste into emulator is supported by Steem as I know. And myself found it better for SW developing than Hatari.  Especially Steem Debugger 3.2  .

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Best to load the file into STOS as a .asc file (a plain ascii file).  You do this by using as Gemdos hard drive and buildling from VSCode to that hard drive folder in Windows/Mac/Linux
I have a new Tutorial that covers this and and more using VsCode to Build. No need to cut and paste.



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Wow, that's awesome...  I used to do all my coding in STOS itself because I didn't knew you could load/save programs as ASCII files (I didn't get the included manual).


Between this and AOZ Studio, I would love to get back into programing if I just have lots of spare time!



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