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Winmodem 232 suggestions?


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Okay, so I've got my Winmodem 232 working on my Mega STe!


I used the WPS option and it found and set everything up

auto-magically. Used STalker to call DarkForce with it's

"darkforce-bbs.dyndns.org:520" address and not the usual

quad IP address number. Worked great, seemed really quick.


I've not had time to try TAZ, ANSITerm, FDT, etc yet.


So what are some suggestions for things to do? What about

the address book? Can you use it with the Atari software or

how does that work exactly.


Looking for ideas, handy shortcuts, suggestions, etc.


Thanks guys!  :)


PS Gonna post this in the regular ST forum too....



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WinModems were one of USR's Brain Farts back in the day that only worked on Window's machines because they offloaded a lot to the computer's CPU and required special drivers. :P


The address book is good if you call less than 10 BBS's.  I'd love to see him raise it.  You'd likely just have to have a term program that supported letting you enter in the dial string, then the phone book in the term program would just have a phone number from 0 to 9.  Setting this up on my machines has been on the weekend todo list for awhile now, so maybe I'll move it to the top of the list and get back to you with some real world expertise.

ATDS=[x]Dial stored phone book entry

Truth be told, I think it's ATDS[X] so ATDS0, ATDS1.  I haven't tried it to be sure, but I've found a few typos like this in the manual.

AT&Z? – Show all phone book entries

The phone book is a great way to store your most favorite url's, making them easy to connect to by using the ATDS=x command. Of course theWiModem232's “phone book” is really URL's, not phone numbers.To show all of the phone book entries you would enter:AT&Z?{RETURN}


AT&Z[x]? – Show phone book entry

To see a particular phone book entry (such as entry 3) you would enter:AT&Z3?{RETURN}  Nothing is displayed if the phone book entry has not been set.


AT&Z[x]= – Set phone book entry

This command can change the phone book entry specified by [x]. The valueof x can be 0 to 9. To set the phone book entry, enter:AT&Z[x]=name<:port number>{RETURN}The port number is optional. If you do not include the port number then thedefault port number (set using the AT*P command) will be used whenconnecting. To set entry 3 to COMMODORESERVER.COM with a port of 1541 you would enter:AT&Z3=COMMODORESERVER.COM:1541{RETURN}

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Well, it depends.


Does your com program of choice let you enter www.insertbbshere.com:3210 ?


If it does, then no... unless you're doing some sort of automated thing where you want it to connect to a specific entry on boot up or something.


But if your com program of choice doesn't allow it, or doesn't allow enough space to get all the BBS's you want to call, then sure... You can have 10 BBS's that you can store your password (or whatever functionality your com program has in it's dialing book) by setting a phone number of 0-9 and changing your dial string to ATDS (or ATDS=... I still didn't get around to testing that).


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So for AnsiTerm.....


Under the option menu is an option to change your dial string.




Then you can AT&Z0=bbs.sfhqbbs.org:5983


In the dial menu, set the phone number to simply 0 (or whatever slot you used, so you could do AT&Z1=darkforce-bbs.dyndns.org:520 for slot 1)

Then the macros... F1 does F1, F2 => F2, F3 => F3.  You can use the enter key on the keypad to put an "enter" in the macro (other options can be found in the docs).


That's pretty much it.  I don't know if you have to do the AT&W to save the phone list.  I'm pretty sure you don't, but what the hell.


It also has an Init string (I column in the dialing menu).  I suppose this would be useful if you wanted to call a BBS that does/doesn't need telnet and whatever else might be useful.


AT*T[x] – Get/Set translation mode [0/1] This command will change the translation mode. 0 = none, 1 = TELNET. If you want to log into a telnet specific site you must first change this setting to 1. Other translation types will be added in the future. Default is 0.


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