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WiModem 232 suggestions?

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No problem James. Although I find scanning things to about as much fun

as watching paint dry, it went relatively fast.


There's a couple of places in the manual that are just "blank" pages. The

OCD in me really wanted to scan those anyways and put them in their

numbered sequence but I managed to resist the urge.  :)


Thanks for turning that into a PDF. I started to scan it in that format but

the manual is such an odd size that I decided to go with JPG so I could

crop things easily. For example, you couldn't have it open and scan both

pages at once, it was a page and a half (of course!).


I also couldn't decide whether to go with 300dpi or 600dpi at first because

of the space saved with the lower number but I figured these days, almost

everyone has fairly fast 'Net service and mass storage so quality was the

more important factor.


Oh, BTW, you both will get my bill at the first of the month...  :D


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This on a Win10 box. It's Windows, so who knows what it's doing. I'll drag it over to my Kubuntu Linux laptop

later and see what it looks like there.


In the mean time, you can see what I'm talking about from these 2 screen caps :)  :








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14 hours ago, DarkLord said:

Okay, that one worked. I was able to download it and read it.




Just gotta say though, that very first image is *much* larger than

the rest.


I mean, GODZILLA sized...   :)


Seems okay here, also on Windows 10.  Maybe its the PDF viewer?

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