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Should more 3DO game console games be released on modern consoles?

8th lutz

Should more 3DO game console games be released on modern game consoles?  

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  1. 1. Should more 3do games be released on modern game consoles?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Depends on the game

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1 hour ago, Steven Pendleton said:


Better versions


Starfighter (other versions not even close, could write a book)

Need For Speed (tons of environment missing, pixelation, cut tracks, missing crashes, removed cutscenes, less cars, removed "fun" cheat codes and removed voice audio in other versions, also closer to a sim.)

Star Control 2 (better than PC version)

Wing Commander 3(slightly better audio on 3DO, controls were redone to be intuitive, updated missions, modified weapon system, additional plot, better UI than PS1.)

Gex(Depends on if you think saving anytime is a fair trade against 60fps and the PS1 version requiring you to get a tape item to get passwords.)

D (input delay in parts and worse image quality in other versions.

The Horde(other versions are sometimes muddy, replace fmvs with slideshows)

Space Hulk(Missing enemies, less precise control delays in shooting when there more than one enemy close by, muddy/grainy graphics and warping textures on other consoles. )


3DO exclusives:




Twisted gameshow

Super Wing Commander


Escape from monster manor


Eye of Typhoon

Grand Chef Rpg


Doctor Hauzer

Blade Force 

Snow Job 

Iron Angel 2

Demolition man (different from the others)

Crash N Burn

Burning Soldier

Foes of Ali


These are just some examples I'm throwing together on my phone but there are more.


As a matter of fact, I'll do this:


I will attach a spread sheet from a few years ago of nearly every 3DO release, in alphabetical order, a handful are missing but it's about 97% of the library and you can go through it and look at screens/vids and you may find some surprises in addition to what I listed here above. 


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Digital Foundry did a nice feature recently on the PlayStation launch titles. They pointed out that Total Eclipse got butchered when it was ported from the 3DO to the PlayStation (as Total Eclipse Turbo). Even though the framerate was higher, the game wasn't properly re-coded to account for it, so the gameplay is too fast and the controls take a hit.


Of course the PlayStation version has passwords, which the 3DO version could have benefited from. Even so, that might be another case of "the 3DO original is best", per Digital Foundry at least.


Lucienne's Quest is said to be another (in this case, worse on the Saturn than the 3DO), but I can't speak firsthand to that.


Truth be told I get the impression that quite a few ports of 3DO games got screwed up or diminished in various ways, sometimes subtle, sometimes not. And some were improved, of course.


Immercenary is great, BTW. 1990s cheese, sure, but also some really intriguing gameplay.

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