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My Software Library: A Preservation Effort


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On 8/19/2023 at 2:29 AM, DjayBee said:

IMHO has this disk hardware-damage for protection.


Can you please check the bottom side for any visual "things" and make a photo if you find something?

I wouldn't expect it as intrusive as the first picture in this post but maybe like the second one.


Perhaps some of the readers here know how to use the tool and could test in Altirra if the ATX works (which I do not expect):

The Black Patch Master.scp.atx(must NOT be write-protected)


And then please test if my quick and dirty crack works:

Black Patch!, The v1.1 (1987)(Computer Software Services)(US)(Master Disk)[cr CSS].atr (must be write-protected)

I tested on the Official Frogger from the A8SP zip.


  1. I took the ATX and used copy mate to make an ATR.
  2. Booted the ATR to make sure some anomaly was not interfering to show a good disk. The disk failed to load, as expected.
  3. Booted up the first version you posted and it does not complete the patch. Booted the ATR, it does not boot.
  4. Booted the second version and the ATR patched frogger like normal. The Frogger ATR works.

Original used:

Frogger (The Official) v1.0 (1981)(SierraVision)(US)[!].atx


Patched version:

Frogger (The Official) v1.0 (1981)(SierraVision)(US)[!].atr

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46 minutes ago, _The Doctor__ said:

I thought the Black Patch had a 1987 version and a 1989 version, the latter having updates and more titles.


Soulbuster's version is 1.1 and has 1989 on the program disks label.


There is also a v1.0 which then must be from 1987.

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On 3/7/2023 at 10:07 PM, SoulBuster said:

SoftSide Issue #34 (1982)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk] - No Dos, Boot Atari Dos 2.5 first, RUN"D:COVER"


Side "B" appears to be overwritten. Write protect your disk if you are going to test it.

Dunno what happened there because the dump is OK.


Side B contains the Rotberg Synthesizer demo and its reaction to failed copy protection is to format the disk. Therefore the protection must have failed in your emulator.

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On 8/20/2023 at 10:06 AM, SoulBuster said:

Your zip file contains the file "Solo Flight 2nd Edition Side 2 (C64 untested).wav".

This is not a C64 file but is actually Side B that is needed by the main program after typing in the Security Code to run the program.

Should this be converted into a cas file?

Thank you for dumping this. I could not find a dump of Side B anywhere before this.

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Invasion Orion (1981)(Epyx)(US)[cassette]
Includes untested TRS-80 WAV file.


CLOAD, then RUN. Then RUN again after second part loads.


You are asked what scenario to run.  There are two



Challenge does not load properly.  If you do not type PILGRIMAGE, it will always try load CHALLENGE and fail.

To play the game, type PILGRIMAGE for a good load.


I tried several recordings and they all end up with the same error.  I have included only the cleanest of them.


Invasion Orion (1981)(Epyx)(US)[cassette].zip

Invasion Orion Manual.pdf

Invasion Orion Loading Instructions.pdf

Invasion Orion How to Build Scenarios.pdf

Invasion Orion New Two Player Option.pdf

Invasion Orion Have You Serviced Your Heads Lately.pdf

Invasion Orion Catalog.pdf













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