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Online mode/offline mode?


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Okay, I know there's a way to do this but I've not had to do it before,

so I don't know what's going on except that I've got a WiModem 232

in place of the Lantronix UDS-10 on my Mega STe.


So in Stalker, TAZ, ANSITerm, FDT, etc, all start up in "offline mode" now.


They didn't do that before. They were online and when I typed in ATDT or

ATZ or whatever, it showed up and executed.


Now...nothing. Each of them say they are offline.


How do I switch them to online mode? Thanks.


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Okay, I just watched your video. Thanks to taking the time

to make that. That pretty much how a session of mine went

with the UDS-10.


However, with the WiModem 232, where you're typing and get

characters like "ATZ" I get"   ".... There's no return when I

type... :(


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Do you see nothing?  Or do you see ATZ and then no response.


check the baud rate.  Initially, it needs to be 300.  From time to time, things might reset this.  It seems the newest firmware does a better job of "remembering" but before, unless I did the AT&W, every time I powered it down and turned it on again, I'd have to set the term back to 300 and do the baud command.



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I think that was it. Using STalker I tried again this evening and had the same response,

so I went into settings and changed it back to 300. Boom. Immediate (slow) connect

with the WiModem 232.


Turned it off, back on. Bam same thing, defaulted to 300 again. So I did the AT&W and

hopefully it will remember it the next time I power it off/on. Did the update, success,

no problems. Saved again.


We'll see the next time I power it up.


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