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Playfield resolution doubling with DPC+?


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I haven't been making anything in the past couple of years for the 2600 but this idea has been nagging me for a while. I'm probably blind and this has been asked many times before, but basically, would it be possible to "race the beam" turning playfield bits on/off mid drawing to "double" the playfeild resolution? Or even simpler, simulate a sub pixel offset for smoother scrolling?


I'm sure there are a few drawbacks to this like with reading pf bits directly, but it's worth a try

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48 minutes ago, Trip2018 said:

Naw I'm talking about horizontal resolution. Could we simulate, a smaller pixel width by turning pf pixel bits on/off mid drawing. Or is the hardware too slow?


That sure would be nice. Here's a related post talking about each playfield pixel being 4 color clocks wide:




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Batari Basic handles the display routine "under the hood", so "racing the beam" isn't really an option. Even with assembly, however, there's not a way to draw a partial PF pixel in the way that you describe. They are always going to be 4 color clocks in width, starting at the same offsets.

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