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Season 19 Round 5 - Kid Niki: Radical Ninja


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I've never played this before and know nothing about it.  If there are any special rules you think we need for this round please let us all know.


1620465815_KidNikiCartridge.png.fcde4243776e462d771a5950326de15d.png 397802553_KidNikiScreenshot.png.a74d46ed417964400abcc14c788a9471.png 


Game Rules:



Score Post Deadline: Monday July 5 at 11:59 PM CDT.


AtariAge High Score:

1,099,100 by bubufubu posted on 9/21/2020


Scores as of 7/5:

bubufubu        661,700
Razzie.P        324,500
fakecortex      190,900
RuySan          147,000
mbd39            75,200
Lauren Tyler     45,500
asponge          35,700
jblenkle         23,500


NES Arcade:

Below are 10 arcade ports we're playing alongside the regular games. You may post a score for any title, during the current regular season round.  Score improvements are always accepted as well.  Points for these games will be awarded at the end of the season.  Each game will be scored like a regular season round, e.g. first place will receive 25 points, second 20 points, etc.  All points earned here will be added to your season total.


Click here for the Arcade Scoreboard


Bad Dudes                                    Bump 'n' Jump                               BurgerTime

1185140314_BadDudesCartridge.png.fad5d7ba0f2ddbbaf10214d6ad7055d4.png 1295952834_BadDudesScreenshot.png.c0ca782dffd4873f616c21405c404f03.png     1863057809_BumpnJumpCartridge.png.c9cf6f8b99f947561db931e8c19e7d20.png 181369828_BumpnJumpScreenshot.png.31f9c628bcd4bafa8ec0500b2ab62a9b.png     1638739211_BurgertimeCartridge.png.2267190f2f0e7e6a621303d5cf278d01.png 1301070461_BurgertimeScreenshot.png.ee48d43773a1eb2eff2aeb065133844c.png    

Manual                                         Manual                                          Manual


Donkey Kong                                 Donkey Kong Jr.                            Gyruss

659635161_DonkeyKongCartirdge.png.fa8b7af68e0915a504f5a3d0ec4d2bce.png 1855516407_DonkeyKongScreenshot.png.9ead0ca86244786b2468b9ad54b9b090.png    455111871_DonkeyKongJrCartridge.png.4a55dcac927c899af6705af770cc49ac.png 1450460045_DonkeyKongJrScreenshot.png.f747edefe5eb3c86a15d14ce4558cb0d.png     2065074949_GyrussCartridge.png.771e9ca6799127f688127e2f6b0cf4de.png 1429652842_GyrussScreenshot.png.7cd241aa5dc610a1930efb72b62fba21.png

Manual                                         Manual                                          Manual

Game A                                        Game A


Palamedes                                    Popeye                                          Q*bert

500867409_PalamedesCartridge.png.a5c9a908772235040aabc8f6d6534615.png 2006553701_PalamedesScreenshot.png.5780d8672df79d6ae79ce68da470e3c6.png     1639789513_PopeyeCartridge.png.fdc4eec81c1d487c792d05e9245710dd.png 1845576410_PopeyeScreenshot.png.a8a758853ec7c80a5fecbb3624162988.png    1044524417_Q-BertCartridge.png.0df234f246a355c45719ae8aed0aff8a.png 732812528_Q-bertScreenshot.png.5ed9bed6be0127b3eacb8193a0ed53a1.png    

Manual                                         Manual                                          Manual

Start at Level 1                             Game A



1589253824_ShinobiCartridge.png.9f78c5ef8fcb3f614a4a1c022c1969cb.png 2057876617_ShinobiScreenshot.png.21d62aaa91a9c0dd51f3f59c6a3c5296.png 



Season Standings:



General HSC Season Rules:

  • To participate, just post a score to the thread. Anyone can join in at any time.
  • A picture or screenshot is encouraged when posting a score but not required.
  • The season is 15 rounds long.
  • Games will be posted on Sundays and run two weeks through Sunday at 11:59 PM CST.
  • Do not exploit game glitches, take advantage of 1-up loops or intentionally die in order to replay a level.
  • If "point pressing" is not specified in the game rules you should be moving forward in an attempt to complete/loop the game and not "camping" for points.
  • No emulator save states, slow-mo, rewind, etc.
  • No cheats, e.g. Konami code, Game Genie, etc.
  • Turbo controllers are allowed.
  • Round points are awarded according to the following chart:
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The music is indeed incredibly annoying.


The game is very simple, but pleasant enough. For taking a quick go in 2021 is great, but I couldn't imagine getting it for christmas in 87 and getting bored after a couple of days.

Kid Niki - Radical Ninja-210623-121624.png

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I’m actually really digging this game. I want more lives tho. I like that there seems to be infinite continues, which allowed me to practice level 2 a bit when I kept dying. Jumping always feels dangerous bc I tend to come down on shy guy’s older brother there and die. And I haven’t been minding the music either hah. 


I did find out two things to help snag ya some extra points. After defeating the first boss (who according to the level screen is named Death Breath, but if you get behind him and he “breathes”, it sure looks like it’s coming out of another hole...) instead of collecting whatever he drops there for 2k I believe, hit it first. That’ll get ya 20k! Attaboy! Hahaha.


Also, in the second level, there’s a tree you can climb all the way up. I don’t remember how far you go before getting to it, but like the last part, I found this by accident, so you likely will too. When you climb to the top you’ll be transported inside it. First I didn’t know what was going on and left. But when I tried again, I jumped and attacked all over the place, revealing lots of things that will explode into what look like rice balls, which can be collected for points! Wooooh!


Here’s to getting passed round 2 on my next go. 


75,700 Round 2 boss


Edited by fakecortex
20k bonus on boss, not 10!
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Round 3 ups the ante with some moving platforms. It also introduces an awesome spinning ball thingy power up. Speaking of powers, I found that in the beginning of round 2, if you hit each of those blue birds that come at ya, you can get a throwing sword power up, which is alright, but not as good as the one you get in the next level. 


Practiced round 3 a bit and got to 4, which is kickin my ass. There are platforms that sink off screen and you gotta time jumping on them just right while avoiding deadly bubbles that of course can’t be hit. I was getting close to the boss but just couldn’t cut it. Tonight at least...


And you all will be happy to hear that we are blessed with new music in round 4! ????


122,100 Round 3-8


Edited by fakecortex
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Regarding special rules for this round (yeah, a bit late here since we end in a few days), I was wondering if the game looped. Since it’s an arcade port, and considering the massive record score, I’m betting that it does. And unless a certain someone *shifty eyes* submits a score this round, I don’t anticipate us beating the game. But to keep in line with previous rounds, I vote to keep it to one play through. 

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2 minutes ago, fakecortex said:

You're telling me you scored over a mil on a single playthrough? wow

Yes, sir.  Last year, a YouTube user (very randomly) posted links of his own Kid Niki score on a couple of my videos.  Advertising?  Bragging?  Messing with me?  I don't know.  It was strange as I didn't know this person and had never interacted with him before.  I guess it bothered me enough to make a run of my own.  He played by Twin Galaxies settings so I did the same and came away with that score.  You are allowed a total of five lives.  It mostly comes down to sacrificing them on Round 5.

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5 hours ago, RuySan said:

Bump n'Jump : 25080


This seems a silly game at first but it's very fun in its simplicity. Bumping cars is always satisfying no matter the game:)

Bump 'n' Jump-210702-114248.png

There's a 50k bonus if you can get through a stage without crashing any cars. I've found that it's easiest to get on stages 1, 6 and 11.

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On 6/30/2021 at 11:43 PM, fakecortex said:

 I don’t anticipate us beating the game. 


Well, I've actually gotten to where I can beat the game, and have a score to post, but it's not even close to half a million.  So gonna try a couple more times this weekend to see if I can up that a bit.  I know there are some secrets in there that should give some extra points, but I'm not 100% down with where to find them all.



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1 minute ago, Razzie.P said:


Well, I've actually gotten to where I can beat the game, and have a score to post, but it's not even close to half a million.  So gonna try a couple more times this weekend to see if I can up that a bit.  I know there are some secrets in there that should give some extra points, but I'm not 100% down with where to find them all.



You’re holdin’ out on us! I’ve been pretty happy with my progress, but I can only get to round 4 on one go, and was able to finally beat that round practicing with continues. 


As you all can tell, I’ve taken a liking to this one. After reading the manual, I have a correction to something I posted before- the points after the boss depend on the timer. Also, hitting the scroll seems to be related to getting an extra guy by having the first and last timer digit match. That tidbit, along with other secret areas, I found on the gamefaqs page. Some secret areas are definitely more fruitful than others. Love that they’re there tho. 


So I finally beat round 3 before game over and the damn boss stole a few lives from me, but not before snagging a new high. I’ll enjoy first place for the moment ?


186,000 Round 4-1



This playthrough was probably not the best time to explore the 4-1 hidden area for the first time ??‍♂️

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Being that the 4th of July weekend is now upon us and that participation has been a bit on the low side for this round (which could also mean that several people simply didn't want to play this game), how do you and the others here feel about extending the deadline?  Tuesday, the 6th perhaps?  Later?  What are everyone's thoughts on it?

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1 hour ago, fakecortex said:

You’re holdin’ out on us!


Nah, nuthin’ like that.  It’s just that <insert excuses here> kept getting in the way, so I was planning to do another run or 2 before posting, but then <insert follow-up excuses here> came up, which I’m sure has happened to us all at some point.

I’ll post it up when I get home tonight, as long as <insert preemptive excuses here> doesn't hold me back.

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I wish that when you die at a boss you would be brought back to the boss and not at the mid-stage checkpoint. Not the worst, but definitely pretty bad on round 4 with those damn bubbles. 


So round 5 definitely takes some practice, but is doable, even when the enemies take some cheap shots. There were also times that I died during the boss when I saw nothing around me. I wonder if there’s something buggy going on bc I could’ve sworn nothing hit me. 


Anyway, the boss “mad monk”, is pretty funny. Haven’t gotten passed him yet, in fact I think I’ve only been able to get one hit on him. He must be pretty ticked bc he screams “Fooool!” at you and little F bombs hit you, haha. Seeing as his attack is his words, I consider this psychic damage ?

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I was hoping to break 200k, but alas, I was taken out by those damn bubbles, and that’s a part of the level that you gain no points for having to replay, so the extra point benefit of dying does zilch for ya. I think this’ll be it for me, tho I would like to finish the game (using continues) eventually. 


190,900 Round 4-9ish


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