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Season 19 Round 5 - Kid Niki: Radical Ninja


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Gave it one last go- got to the bubbles on round 4 with 7, count 'em, 7 lives (died once on 3, but managed some bonus lives from bosses plus 2 from eggs in the round 4 bonus stage!). So I had more than enough lives to get through the bubbles right? Nope. Such a cheap area. There were times when I would go to jump off a platform on its way down and instead of jumping, he just slides off and dies ?  Maybe I jinxed myself, but I'm still gonna blame the stage just being crap. For me, there's some luck involved to consistently get passed that part. Very frustrating, considering I'll kick ass all the way up to that point ?

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I just noticed this round has a radical ninja and next round has a rad racer.  Coincidentally both games were released for the NES during the fall of 1987.   I guess that was pretty rad year.  Game on!


Points Awarded:

bubufubu        661,700  +25
Razzie.P        324,500  +20
fakecortex      190,900  +17
RuySan          147,000  +14
mbd39            75,200  +12
Lauren Tyler     45,500  +10
asponge          35,700   +8
jblenkle         23,500   +7
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