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Dragon Defense 2021 (WIP/Demo)

Tyler Frisbee

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Hey guys! Back by unpopular demand: me! Back in 2015, whilst in High School, I pushed out a game called Dragon Defense. Some people did enjoy it but, this year - older and wiser - I decided to significantly update the graphics and gameplay. I didn't plan on sharing it so early, but @ZeroPage Homebrew streamed the original tonight, so I hooked him up with a demo of the remake. 


Some people wanted to check out the progress on the new game for themselves, so here it is! 


I got a lot of good suggestions tonight and theres a few known bugs and glitches I need to address, but I'm hoping to get it wrapped this year and maybe even do carts somehow - who knows! I still have no idea what I'm doing :)


You can check out the original here if you're curious.


Instructions for the new version:

The original mechanic of defending the wall against the dragon and other enemies has remained. Killing ground enemies (gnomes and skeletons) will drop items (a heart to refill health, a crystal ball to rebuild the wall, and a wand to restore health, ammo and the wall.). I removed the mechanic of casting spells because it was confusing and awkward with the joystick controls. Now you just collect mana potions to refill on ammo.


Curious to know what you guys think of progress so far!






Updated art:


Dragon Defense 2021 Label Art.jpg




Here's a demo reel of the game: 




Some gameplay screenshots: 






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I love the cart label design!


Like I said in the ZPH chat...... this game looks like a @Muddyfunster type of game! Love all the colors!!!!

Suggestion: Try adding the shots from right to left to shoot the dragons in the back since the "mana potions" seem to be popping up further to the right in this version vs. the original 2015 game. 



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