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on ... gosub does not work with bankswitching?


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I need help :( 


This works:


on e gosub szene1 szene2 szene3...


This doesn´t work:


on e gosub szene1 bank2 szene2 bank2 szene3 bank2...


Will i have to put all szene´s into bank1? Or is it possible to jump to another bank and there is a syntax error in my code?


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On..gosub and on..goto don't work across different banks. One workaround would be to have the on...gosub go to something in the same bank that then uses goto to go to the other bank. So like


 on e gosub jumpszene1 jumpszene2 jumpszene3...


 gosub szene1 bank2


 gosub szene2 bank2



Or put the on...gosub in bank2, something like


goto pickszene bank2





 on e gosub szene1 szene2...

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Also, watch out for putting too many labels in your on .. goto/gosub statements.



I keep the labels under 45 per R.T.s hints in the link.  Also, make the labels VERY short just in case the parser doesn't like VERY long single line statements.  I don't really know how many characters are allowed, but, yeah.


Not the problem you were having BUT it's often the very next to come up :)

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