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Playing around (Akalabeth port)

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Hi all.


I was kind of bored so I started coding a port.


Can you recognize the game? :P


It requires extra memory provided by CC3 or JLP cartridges (or the -jlp=1 option in jzintv)


I made all the introduction, overworld map, movement, missions, and even death screen.


Next step would be the pseudo 3D dungeons, these are essentially a game inside the game.


I wanted to record a GIF file but somehow the jzintv animation recording doesn't work in my Macbook Air 2020 (it is a jzintv problem because it only generated a 1K file that couldn't be processed by imvtogif cc @intvnut I hope this works better than Messenger! )


Enjoy it!


Video update with my progress so far:












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5 minutes ago, Albert said:



I am a huge Ultima fan, and have a large collection of Ultima games and other Ultima-related items.  You now have my attention.



Now I feel strongly compelled by the power of Atariage to complete this game :)


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On 7/12/2021 at 9:23 PM, Mik's Arcade said:

I can't believe the stuff you are able to do with IntyBasic,.  Amazing!!


I'm back from a long vacation  Las Vegas/Lake Powell/Grand Canyon......I need to get back to programming soon.

If you consider the man actually CREATED Intybasic… what can I say, Nanochess ROCKS!

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