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Playing around (Akalabeth port)

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Hi all.


I was kind of bored so I started coding a port.


Can you recognize the game? :P


It requires extra memory provided by CC3 or JLP cartridges (or the -jlp=1 option in jzintv)


I made all the introduction, overworld map, movement, missions, and even death screen.


Next step would be the pseudo 3D dungeons, these are essentially a game inside the game.


I wanted to record a GIF file but somehow the jzintv animation recording doesn't work in my Macbook Air 2020 (it is a jzintv problem because it only generated a 1K file that couldn't be processed by imvtogif cc @intvnut I hope this works better than Messenger! )


Enjoy it!


Video update with my progress so far:












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5 minutes ago, Albert said:



I am a huge Ultima fan, and have a large collection of Ultima games and other Ultima-related items.  You now have my attention.



Now I feel strongly compelled by the power of Atariage to complete this game :)


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On 7/12/2021 at 9:23 PM, Mik's Arcade said:

I can't believe the stuff you are able to do with IntyBasic,.  Amazing!!


I'm back from a long vacation  Las Vegas/Lake Powell/Grand Canyon......I need to get back to programming soon.

If you consider the man actually CREATED Intybasic… what can I say, Nanochess ROCKS!

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And two years later...


Just I've seen the cover art for Akalabeth for Intellivision and it is awesome!!!


Are you going to the PRGE? You'll be able to experience Akalabeth at the Atariage booth.


*drops mic*


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