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Apple IIc color PAL, would this work?


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No, that wouldn’t work either. It only picks the composite and audio signal from the video connector.
There is a separate Apple //c PAL Modulator/ Adapter, Model No. A2M4023 that appears from time to time on eBay that would also produce color, besides the two options mentioned above.

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The PAL Apple //c was usually sold with the monochrome 9” monitor. If you wanted to have color, you would buy either the PAL modulator or the Chat Mauve. The same applies to the Apple Europlus. It required a PAL card on slot 7 for color. In Europe Apples were not known for having color. This only changed with the introduction of the IIe.

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On 6/28/2021 at 8:52 PM, YannAros said:

Did anyone try the schematic available here https://kaput.retroarchive.org/appleii/ ?


I’d like to give it a try but would like a report before.


Short answer, this circuit doesn’t work BUT it is almost. Apparently only sync signal superposition is not working.

I will try to correct this and post a schematic if I succeed.

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