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games i made using the sega ide basiegaxor

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this is the IDE



to use the ide you have to go to the option menu and put in the path for your tile editor and emulator (i use sgtd tile editor and GENS emulator) after that go to the compiler option and check mark copy output file to project directory and rename so it shows up in the folder, then check mark after compilation run in emulator. After that go to target option and pick a output type (cart,sega cd,32x cart) hit apply then start coding 


this is the tile editor



its easy to use


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On 8/11/2021 at 1:23 PM, godslabrat said:

Would you say this is a worthwhile dev tool for a home brewer in 2021, or are there better/easier options?


presuming I could get it to run on my hardware, of course.


BasiEgaXorz has been effectively abandoned by the creator long ago.  Thankfully, an actively developed BASIC compiler exists called SecondBASIC.  Runs on anything from XP on up!

It's good enough for commercial quality games as the developer "eats his own dog food" with several titles.



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Hey Wally, I made an account here just to post this.
I wanted to say keep up the good work, I've played a couple of your games, like bud quest, and had fun with them. I liked the progression and the bong bosses.
I look forward to gradually play everything you put out here.
I've saved all of your games posted here already (at least what I think is the latest version). Looking forward to more.

I livestream a mega drive project to finish every single game on the system and I like to add homebrews like yours, so I've got a question: are all of the games you are posting "beatable"? 

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