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games i made using the sega ide basiegaxor

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this is the IDE



to use the ide you have to go to the option menu and put in the path for your tile editor and emulator (i use sgtd tile editor and GENS emulator) after that go to the compiler option and check mark copy output file to project directory and rename so it shows up in the folder, then check mark after compilation run in emulator. After that go to target option and pick a output type (cart,sega cd,32x cart) hit apply then start coding 


this is the tile editor



its easy to use


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On 8/27/2021 at 9:54 PM, ColecoGamer said:

Ate there any tools for sfx and music? 

BEX developers used to use TFM Music Maker.  This older version includes examples.



There was a newer iteration called VGM Music Maker but the tool maker stopped making the download available for reasons.

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On 3/15/2022 at 6:36 AM, Fdx said:


ok...thanks...maybe it's my version of Gens...I'll try that. These days try something in Basiegazorx, it motivates to see that it continues to be used




BasiEgaXorz is very broken and the developer abandoned it many, many years ago.  SecondBASIC is BEX compatible and Second Dimension actively fixes bugs.  My last genesis game was War in the Machine made in BEX.  New genesis systems like the Mega SG can't play it correctly.  I nearly gave up on the project due to weird compiler issues where if the collision checking code was called too many lines of code away it would crash the game.  Stay far, far away from BasiEgaXorz if you want to complete a game.


Nevertheless, if BEX keeps wally programming I'm happy.  If he keeps at it I'm sure he'll move on to SecondBASIC or SGDK.


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