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Yastuna Games – new Atari Lynx editor and retro game developer


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I guess most of you already know me, I make Atari Lynx for years (quite easy to remember, I started to code Space Lock when my youngest son was born, to occupy my sleepless nights. Now he is seventeen :D )

During this time, I had some periods of productivity, and even more periods of laziness (I mean, now, I sleep at night), but overall, never managed to get bored with Lynx coding.

Now it is time to make a new step, so Yastuna Games is now alive. The goal is to make and publish games for the Atari Lynx, but also print games from other developers, and make games for other consoles and other editors.


First point, Yastuna Games is based in France, and we all know that the biggest problem to buy internationally is the postage fees, but thanks to the French Post services for small office, we can offer low international postage fees, as low as 13€ for up to 4 standard games to North America, Australia, …  (Local tax remains due by the buyer at the reception). 


The website and online store are under construction but are expected to open soon. I already have PCB, stickers, cartridges are ordered, and box & manuals will be ordered very soon, in order to get them at the beginning of August.

So sales may open july as presales, with expedition in august/september (for people who are in holidays in august and prefer to wait to be back for the parcel).



New Atari Lynx games, coming this summer:


Raid on Tri City - First Impact is an enhanced version (more punchy, some changes on bonus items, leaderboard) of Raid on Tri City, released next year, and will still be a digital free release.

If you want more, Raid on Tri City - Second Wave has all new enhancements from Raid on Tri City - First Impact, plus the leaderboard saved on EEprom and a brand-new story mode, when you will have to travel through the Galaxy, choose wisely your route, and encounters many challenges. Your progression is also saved, and you can unlock the Story Mode +, where you only have one life.

The first run will be 150 games(*)


Asteroids Chasers is the complete version of the puzzle game released last year for the Atari Gamer coding contest. It features a reworked map option, more backgrounds, and artworks.

Deluxe edition will feature a Big Box, the Regular Edition with a special cartridge, the card game, a score sheet, a 3D asteroid as marker for the card game... These elements are currently into design phase and should be produced for august release also.

The first run will be 150 games(*), including the 55 games for the Deluxe Edition.


(*) Depending on the sales and demand, another run may be made in the future, but if it is not the case, once sold, games will always be available via our Flash on Demand service :




For the opening, a special offer will be made with a bonus for the 15 first buyers :





Coming this fall, Ynxa is a major rework of the contest edition released 2 years ago. The game is 2 or 3 times bigger than the original one, with new backgrounds, new and reworked levels, and a very big ending level as final.




What to expect next ?


Other consoles targeted are the Atari Jaguar, the Nintendo NES and Game Boy.

On the Game Boy, the port of Asteroids Chasers will be out this year, and a Deluxe Edition will also be released. This will probably be a Yastuna Games release.


You may have seen Upsad Down for the Nintendo NES released for the NESDev 2020, which is an upgraded version of TetrisNoid from The Alchemy of Cubes. The game will be part of Action 53 NESDev compilation and may have a physical release on its own later this year, with a bigger Story mode. This was my first game on Nintendo NES, but not the last, expect something more classic next time.


On the Atari Jaguar, I made some experiments with a top-down shooter, à la Super Smash TV or Xenocrisis. It is on hold during the launch phase, but once everything is running, I will come back to it, in order to make a game from this tech demo.


For Atari Lynx, the tech demo CyberPunk 2037 is not forgotten and will have a major rework in 2022, also considering to rather make a Jaguar version (or make both).

You may have spot on some of my video a new project which can be describe as a dice building rogue like. Well, to talk less technical, it will feature a series of tactical fights against over increasingly dangerous enemies in a dungeon. Take care of your heroes, enhance their equipment and abilities and you may get rewarded by the treasure. The game will be available for Nintendo Game Boy, and most likely on Atari Lynx.



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For those who wonder about the Deluxe Edition, here is a 3D mockup with the current desktop publishing elements.

Picture is of course non contractual, size may be a bit inexact.

Cartridge should be "transparent" (waiting for the order to arrive next week, will post pictures - if it is not good, it will be a black cartridge, like in Regular Edition)

Some elements are also missing (let me keep some surprises :D )


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I will of course make some kind of trailer or gameplay footages, I just need to find the best way to do so with my current equipment (also known as a low range smartphone and a quite crappy webcam...)


Meanwhile, here is the little family (regular and potential deluxe editions) :



And a closer look to the Asteroids Chasers Deluxe Edition cartridge :



My smartphone scrapped Lynx screen, but those unlockable artworks from Asteroids Chasers look far better in real (you will have to unlock and see them by yourself :D)

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Ok, it is really tough to find a moment where everyone is still awake.

So preorder should open this saturday, in the afternoon, Paris timezone.


If no problem occured, my plan is to do it around 3PM, so it should be for people outside Europe :

US West coast : 6AM

US East Coast : 9AM

Australia : 11 PM


Being a small business, I will do it by hand, so cannot make an official timer, and hope no external event will compromise the opening.

I will of course post here before opening, and once it is done.


Website is open, but incomplete :

- blog is just an empty shell

"Add to cart" button is inactive,


But you can bookmark the URL, and should be able to create a customer account :




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I confirm I can see you in the back office.

I do not have a Mac or iOS device, so I cannot test. Basicallyn this is just a standard Prestashop instance + a GPDR compliance module (maybe this is this one which is the root of the problem).
Did you close the pop-up and tried again, or did you download this strange "login" thing ?

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