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Jaguar CD developer manual?

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I’ve seen various forms of Jaguar reference and dev manuals but I’ve yet to see one surface for the Jaguar CD. Or any other related programming documentation for it outside of a few various Atari utility programs.


Does anyone know if Atari actually created one for the JagCD or any extension of the dev manual covering the Jaguar CD in detail? 

I know it was pretty close to the end of Atari once the JagCD was released but being in development for two years seems like it would have given them plenty of time to write up and document something proper.

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Just now, Zerosquare said:

06 - Jaguar CD-ROM.pdf 5.73 MB · 1 download


I don't recommend reading it if you value your sanity. You've been warned.

I was just responding to this, thanks! (will be... useful available to others looking for the same torture should they find their way here.)


Lars was kind enough to point me to a dev manual that had been broken up into like 20 pieces with a section covering the JagCD specifically (appears to be the same one you uploaded). What a nightmare of a system and as suspected, didn't answer some questions I had hoped it would and the ones it did was very vague.


Remembering now why it surprised me that any Jaguar CD games exist at all.

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