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Contest Results from CGE2K3


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Here are the various contest results from this years Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, NV. In total, there we 86 registered players, although many did not submit their scores for whatever reason... :( The TG Crazy Bounty on Crazy Taxi was not claimed as the 400m threshold was not broken. This means the $200 is still up for grabs if you can crack 400m using TGTS. Be sure to check out our Crazy Bounty page for more details.




Sega Dreamcast - Crazy Taxi - Crazy Jump


-> Competition was fierce as the gamers swarmed around poor Brien all day Saturday. This was by far the hotest event at the CGE show as gamers stood in line waiting their turn to make their jumps going for the 400m jump and the prize money being offered by Robert Mruczek. The top jumper, Roddy Toomim was awarded a TG Certificate for his achievement as well as being spotlighted on G4 TV in our awards ceremony.


Roddy Toomim 373.02

Todd Rogers 366.43

Ian Baronofsky 365.64

Elliot 359.24

Erik 355.10

Steve 352.22

Jesse Alexander 351.17

Ted 349.56

Russel 347.87

Brien King 346.64

William 346.60

Chrisopher Drum 346.22

Mike Ruppert 343.08

Jason Cram 337.43

Jason Wilson 336.58

Evan 336.31

John Christovasilis 335.56

Kevin Schaller 324.37

Rogelio 316.42

Chris Dunlap 313.62

Greg Erway 311.62

Charles Beaudion 311.48

Nicole Schultz 290.58

Anthony 289.50

Ron Corcoran 253.23

Jered hritz 250.40

Dave 221.93

Thomas Taylor 215.62

Kory Shaw 175.34



Atari 2600 Decathlon - Javelin


-> This event drew lots of attention as gamers lined up to see if they could out throw Todd's 90m toss. Todd made his event winning toss infront of 30+ competitors/spectators (including Brien and myself) and won a TG Certificate and was spotlighted on G4 TV for his achievement in our awards ceremony.


Todd Rogers 90.04

Jason Cram 83.62

R.J. Ferretti 83.29

John Christovasilis 83.29

Robert Flores 83.29

Craig Harris 82.96

Evan 82.96

Chirs Alexander 82.96

Ron Corcoran 82.64

Jered Hritz 82.31

Joe Grisaffi 81.98

Brien King 81.33

Roddy Toomim 81.33

Shawn Cram 81.33

Chrisopher Drum 81.00

Jesse Alexander 80.02

Greg Erway 79.70

Kevin Schaller 78.06

Christian Cram 76.76

Steve 72.51

Erik 72.18

Brett Weiss 66.63



Mr. Do! (Settings: Hard, Hard, Hard)


-> This event had the smallest draw, but that didn't stop Mr. Linderman from claiming the $50 prize, a TG Certificate, a spot on G4 TV and setting a new, live event, Mr. Do! record with 1.975M!


Tongki Linderman - 1,975,150

Don Hayes - 320,200

Malcom Moore - 295,400

Ron Corcoran - 259,750

Rick Fenick - 146,850



MAME Robotron (TGTS - Diff: 5, Lives: 5)


-> Another event that drew LOTS of attention as the overall winner got to walk away with a Hanaho Deluxe ArcadePC cabinet valued at $3,000!!! Donald Hayes won the event, gaining him a TG Certificate, a spotlight on G4 TV and the Hanaho arcade cabinet. Here are the details to Donalds prize:




If you're asking why were the scores so low... it did take a bit of getting used to the HotRod Ultra controller layout. The joysticks are a good distance apart and we all had to adapt. :) Robotron was also the spotlight for this years TG practical joke. Billy Mitchell played a practical joke on Dwayne Richard, who drove down from Vancouver, BC to win the cabinet. We taped the entire 2 hour ordeal and may publish portions to the TG server in digital format so you too can be in on the joke. Billy has a famous saying when it comes to things like this:


Do unto others and run really fast.


Don Hayes - 334,275

Ron Corcoran - 279,175

Rex Sorenson - 229,700

Joe Grisaffi - 215,000

Brien King - 213,025

Conway Ho - 182,525

John Sieker - 138,525

Heather Corcoran - 101,025

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Slightly OT, but what's the key to success in the Crazy Taxi long jump? One dash at the beginning? Also a dash at the end? Dash the whole time? Something else?


I think I've done best by backing up to the end and dashing just once at the beginning, but it's been a while...

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Slightly OT, but what's the key to success in the Crazy Taxi long jump?  One dash at the beginning?  Also a dash at the end?  Dash the whole time?  Something else?


I think I've done best by backing up to the end and dashing just once at the beginning, but it's been a while...


You'll want a minimum of probably 4 dashes down the ramp, and you need to time them just right. If your timing is off, the speed you gained from the dash will be lost immediately. This is especially true if you do a dash off the upswing of the end of the ramp.


Your speed should be > 155 to get the distance you need. To see your speed, plug a controller into the third port, hold down the Start button and press the X button until you see your speed in the lower right corner. You have to do this at the start of every jump if you want to see your speed.

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Slightly OT, but what's the key to success in the Crazy Taxi long jump?


On a similar OT note: what is the key to success in Mr.Do! I know how to reach scores up to 400,000, but what is the secret of people reaching over 1,000,000 points?


I've downloaded movies of record setting Mr.Do! games, but they all switch from scene to the next right after a scene opens. They show no gameplay whatsoever, just and everlasting sequel of scenes opening and immediately ending.


So, can anyone fill me in on the Mr.Do! secret? :)




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