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PS5 & Xbox Series X Games Tested On CRT Monitors

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I'm up to three CRT's in my bedroom now.  I've been gaming so much on them that when I switch to play modern games on the big flat screen I feel like half the screen is cut off.  I think manufacturers will go back to 4:3 aspect ratio eventually just because it seems like people just want to switch things up just to switch things up these days.  I don't mind, i'd rather have something in a square than a rectangle.  Or it might get totally awful and all new screens will be in portrait/tate. :/


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Another site last year had a video on playing a PC on a decent CRT. There were some settings they could turn off in the game as the CRT would take care of whatever was turned off “naturally”.  The result was faster play and crisp colors. Even the other journalist who kinda laughed at the idea of using a CRT had their jaw drop.


Like the article linked in the OP, their monitor was an expensive high end type as well. Would the results be similar on your usual Dell tube? Couldn’t say.

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12 minutes ago, Gamemoose said:

Only if someone starts making them again.

Well Digital Foundry planted the seed that modern games can look better on CRT- 

* Doesn't have the "native resolution" problem that flat panel displays have (remember the 'multi-sync' monitors we used to use on PC?), so even lower resolutions look great on CRT

* Doesn't have the motion-blur problem flat panels do

* Great black levels, unlike LCD

* No input lag due to image processing.


So it wouldn't surprise me if the hipsters aficionados start to rediscover them the same way they did with vinyl after hearing that it's better.    Soon manufacturers will spot an opportunity and start manufacturing them again.


To me, "better" is subjective though.  There are trade-offs.   My memories of vinyl are record hiss, snap, crackle, pop, skipping and  warped records in some cases.  It's hard for me to imagine that it sounds better than anything unless you keep you collection absolutely pristine with the best equipment.   For CRT it's large, heavy units that consume a lot of power and are usually 4:3 aspect ratio in an era where most games are 16:9.    I like my flat panels and my FLAC collection and don't see myself going back.   The next generation who didn't grow up with these things may get the experience of discovering something new and cool (to them)



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