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The Black Cauldron

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6 minutes ago, jerseystyle said:

I had no idea there was a Black Cauldron game! Loved the books, loved the movie… thanks for sharing this :)

I was the same way.   Saw the advertisements for the Black Cauldron movie, and actually didn't get to see it till the 90s.


Read all the books though, and then later read the Mabinogion where the names of the characters  came from those earliest of Britian's stories.


Wanted to play this game for years!

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1 hour ago, wierd_w said:

Its not actually SCUMM, it is AGI.


SCUMMVM happens to support AGI.

Still works out for me, then.  There are SCUMMVM ports for just about every platform imaginable.  Well, except the J2ME port appears to have been abandoned.


OH!  And it appears to be in my Amiga library, too.  Sunnuvagun!

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SCUMM is the virtual machine created by LucasArts for Mainiac Mansion, (and many other later Lucas Arts point-click-adventure games.)


AGI is the virtual machine created by Sierra, for the kings quest series (and later games in the Sierra family, like space quest.)


SCUMMVM is an opensource project that allows the game data files from supported games to be directly interpreted and played, and has been ported to a stunning variety of platforms, ranging from smartphones, to game consoles, to computers, and a large number of things in between.


This means you could play this game on your smartphone right now, if you really wanted.

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2 hours ago, Frozone212 said:

yeah, disney needs to re release it. 

I honestly at this point don't get it.


See when it came out, the movie board was just being super puritanical at the time, and very very shortly after they had some forced reforms that gave us the new values for G, and the split/creation of PG and PG13.  This movie by standards decades old now would be a G movie, but Disney got hosed due to time of evaluation with a PG rating, as such a lot of kids missed it, it was cursed as being too dark and violent, and other than a VHS release, it was buried hard, until deeper into the DVD era when a quick release of that came out cleaned up for DVD (I own it, have for a very long time once I found it.)  There's nothing I believe that could stop Disney from re-submitting it for a new rating, it would come down to a G rating.  Instead they snub it, try and erase its existence.  Even when they went all on about women, princesses, empowerment, they dub up some old ladies and made cute versions of them, stuffed them in Sofia the First, etc...yet black cauldron got scrubbed as a non-princess, non-movie, persona non grata.  it's pretty bullshit. ?  I was utterly shocked when they put it up on Disney+ I so watched it despite the DVD just to show someone cares.

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