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need help on this 2600 unit


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To whom it may concern


     I am trying to remember what my father said. I know there has to be other people who were around when the

VCS came out in 1977


     I know that Atari pong Systems had serial numbers

such as E 90089  or D 56534


Ok I also know when the VCS it was common to see serial numbers such as this


45343 E  or 56278 E  These would be really early serial numbers


Ok My father said when unit came in for repair a new label would be placed over the

Original label and would only have a number and no letter following it.


If my father correct on this please let me know. He has

long passed away since all of this.

I see this very old unit on ebay but I cannot tell if there a label under it

but it is only a number like my father said.




I need help on this so I dont buy a unit that is only a repair unit with a repair label.

I want to know did Atari put any labels out in the Beginning that had no letter

following the serial number.  My father told me no they always had a letter

following the serial number unless it had been repaired . My father said They left the letters

off the new labels that cover the old label to make it easy to tell what units had been sent in for

repairs by them.


Please is there anyone who can confirm what my dad said since my dad is no longer around.

My dad worked for  Texas instruments in the 1960s and in the early 1970s he worked for Atari

under contract work.


Anyways any help would be appreciated






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Great info.


This unit indicates that the original label has been covered there are a few signs and I've indicated the two best indicators:

Left hand edge shows a vertical line where the rubbing indicates a label underneath

The label has been removed near the middle indicating text underneath from the original label.


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Thank you for pointing that out.


Then my father was correct. He would know since he spent time working at Atari Corp under


   He told me the Earliest units had the serial number followed by the letter E


   I am guessing that something like 005000 E would be very early

I have my fathers that he brought home it 57020 E. I would love to find an earlier unit than his but

that has not happen yet.


Now my father passed away in 2003 and so did all of his knowledge.








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