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Hi, this is my second atari 2600 game.
It's a simple and (hope) funny cards game where you play against the computer.
Each player has 3 cards (the deck has 36 cards: 12 scissors, 12 papers and 12 rocks).
Who has the turn plays first (select one of three cards) then the other player plays his card.
The rules are simple:
If two cards are equals (ex: 2 scissor) the turn doesn't change and who played first gets 1 point.
If two cards are differents, the turn and 2 point go to the player who played winning card follow this rules
- Scissor wins to the Paper
- Paper wins to the Rock
- Rock wins to the Scissor.

If you collect three same cards  (Ex: 3 rocks) you get a bonus.
In a game you can collect a maximum of 3 bonuses (1 for type) and each bonus give you 3 points at the end.
All 3 bonus give you 10 points.
At the end of game simple press fire to restart.

On the left there is your score and on the right the cpu score. Under scores the bonus collected will be displayed.

Regards Alberto.



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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Scissors Rock Paper Card Game on tomorrow's (Fri Jul 30, 2021) stream LIVE on Twitch at 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT+1Day!







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