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4 hours ago, drfloyd said:



Sorry for delay


The first beta will be available on 28 of october


BETA 0.95


Please note again that for now the game is only in FRENCH... I will produce an english version (with the final version 1.0) if there are some requests.

My French is rusty, and it was never that great to begin with... but it should do for a beta.


But I'd sure love an English final version.

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1 hour ago, Tillek said:

I picked one up on ebay a couple months ago.  That was after another auction ended, so you might want to check... he seemed to have a few he was selling one at a time.


Had the Falcon version too... but that one I guess restricts to 4mb and that's a deal breaker for me considering that it needs some wires soldered by the looks of it.

yeah the falcon one is up on ebay now.


Is it the 28th yet??


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12 hours ago, Bikerbob said:

yeah the falcon one is up on ebay now.


Is it the 28th yet??


"I swear, if you ask again I'm going to turn this spaceship around and go home!!!!"

                                                                                  - Space Dad

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Thanks again @drfloyd. And very nice title tune!

First feedbacks.
It's not very relaxing to keep left and right hand so close (RETURN, BACKSPACE and arrow keys are near).
I would use WASD to move the player, a standard nowadays.

EDIT: I am getting used to use only one hand, the only problem is when I want to catch animals, using one hand is too slow.


BTW, I would let the player move when I keep arrow key pressed.


But I would prefer to use joystick to replace arrow and RETURN keys (maybe BACKSPACE too).

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30 minutes ago, DarkLord said:

Grabbed, downloaded and contributed.


Thanks for supporting the Atari community!


PS Since it's a "beta" can it be uploaded to

a BBS? Thanks.


Wouldn't that be denying people a shot at contributing?  They download it from your BBS and they don't even get the guilt of not supporting!

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