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3 hours ago, Tillek said:

Wouldn't that be denying people a shot at contributing?  They download it from your BBS and they don't even get the guilt of not supporting!


That's why I asked *first* before just doing it.  :)


On the other hand, since it's a -> beta <- , if more people play it and like it, then

(in theory) they might want to download newer versions from his site. I wouldn't

upload anything besides the first beta. Also, it's in French...so English users would

surely want to upgrade and contribute to get a native language version. I know I



But, it's entirely up to the author. I wouldn't do anything without their permission.


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From the Author's release thread https://www.gamopat-forum.com/t109587p1050-cosmos-chronicles-atari-stfstemega-st-ettfalcon-030-windows#3576615.


Pour y jouer vraiment à 100%, ouais faut attendre la 1.0

Après la 0.99 je ferai un crash test du jeu en essayant de faire une session complete, pour voir si tout passe de A à Z.

Et c'est à partir de la 1.00 que j'envisagerai une traduction en anglais (si au moins 10 demandes via AtariAge/Itch.io)


To really play it at 100%, yeah you have to wait for 1.0

After 0.99 I will do a crash test of the game trying to do a full session, to see if everything goes from A to Z.

And it is from 1.00 that I will consider an English translation (if at least 10 requests via AtariAge/Itch.io)


I count 6 requests in this thread for the English translation.  Looks like we need at least 4 more requests to reach the threshold!

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5 hours ago, TheNameOfTheGame said:

Getting close!  I think we need 3 more requests for an English version before the next release.  C'mon guys!  😀

I wonder how many people aren't even following the game/conversation because they saw it was only in French though (and didn't bother translating it).


I can hardly believe there aren't at least 10 people interested in buying an English version if it came out.


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