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Safari Adventure


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That's pretty cool. I'm sure there are others that would find your custom kernel handy. How does it compare to the features of the standard kernel, apart from being a single-line kernel? Does it allow for both missiles and the ball at any height, or a fixed height? Is the playfield dynamic and asymmetric like the standard kernel, or static and symmetric (mirrored or repeated) like the multisprite kernel?

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you have different modi

you can choose that from batari with a const variable


There are  different modi

const modus=6 for example --> declare in batari

      1= multicolor p0
      0 = missile 0 on.  flickered -any height and up to 8 pixel width
      2= playfield color on every line
      3= background color on every line
      4 = pf0 on
      6 animated ram playfield pixel  ( mirrored and only one pixel possible)

all in 1-line kernel 


      with modi 0 you have the best option ( 4 sprites flickered at 30hz, 2 m0 flickered, no colored sprites, 1 line pf1 + pf2 playfield (rom and mirrored)


You can choose also a 2 line kernel (sprites and pf). I customized the multi sprite kernel, so no kernel options possible 


i post the code for you

See attached

put multi sprite_kernel.asm, multi sprite.h and score21 to the includes folder of your bb directory


all the sprite and playfield datas must be declared in assembler (see desert.bas source code of Safari Adventure )


Happy coding, feedback always welcome


Update: I managed to include aschron playfield ( see on my farming simulation WIP) . Only PF2 possible, but with multicolor pf and one line sprites .




desert.bas multisprite_kernel.asm multisprite.h score_graphics.asm.21stcentury


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