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Rainbow over Sparta


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Previous program here


My new programming language now has an extra backend that generates 6502 machine code directly, without generating C and going through CC65. One of the benefits is that I have been able to implement the special, relocatable program format of SpartaDOS X. Here is the Rainbow demo that I posted earlier, now compiled for SDX:




The program file is only 29 bytes. SpartaDOS X loads it wherever MEMLO happens to be and runs it from there.


The program code is here:


The new backend produces simple listings of the generated code, which are mostly its internal data structures:





The backend doesn't support as much of the language yet as the CC65 backend. This is a lot of work and will happen over time.


I believe this is the first compiled programming language that supports SpartaDOS X, beyond assembler and the interpreted SDX batch language. I am very happy how it is turning out. It's the fulfilment of everything I wanted to do three decades ago. ?

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