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Deluxe Butt-Plug Simulator


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On 3/5/2023 at 6:05 PM, Retrospect said:

Texas Instruments Fart Maker software.

Cartridge module image allows the user access to unlimited farts - again giving Texas Instruments the edge in being "a first" in computing power and technology.

This easy to use, user friendly software plugs right into the console and is guaranteed to provide hours of fun to the user.

FARTM-8.BIN << Burn this to an EPROM or use on an emulator of your choice
FARTM-G.BIN << FinalGROM cartridge image

Cartridge label.

I was stunned. And had to laugh.

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Another rude project is afoot.  


" ASTROTIT " , a pubic domain game from 1987, done on request for Kevan!  It will require F18A because of the 4-tits-on-a-line limit, but it's no biggie ... it will also require the 32KB mammary expansion to run.  ;)  :P  

So far, player ship and missile are in, as are instructions.   Player ship recoils when it fires.  





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Exactly the sound I imagine.  Seems like the bounce-back time after shooting should be longer.  Or maybe early in the game it can rapid fire, but as the game trudges on it has to take a break every so often.

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