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Video Connection question.


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So, I have a Sega Genesis.  Was never really into them at all, but I picked one up somewhere.  And I understand it has RGB out.  And I also have an NEC MultiSync P1250+ monitor, which is basically a re-branded Sony Trinitron.  Really nice working monitor, but haven't used it in years.  It has these inputs:




Thus, my question is, will the two connect?  And where can I get a ready-made cable to do that?  I've seen those (IMO half-assed) things that go to Scart, then from Scart to BNC.  And I don't want that.  I'd much rather have ONE SINGLE CABLE that will connect them.  I bet the video would look fantastic, because that was always a really excellent monitor, I used it for many years.


Anyone out there make such a cable?  Thanks for any help!!


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Retro Access makes high quality cables. But they generally have a large backlog, and only accept new orders for like an hour once every like 3 months. Keep an eye on their Twitter account for a heads up when the next order window is. Last one was end of May.


I can't say for sure this will work with that specific monitor. But these are the cables. 


Model 1 cable:


model 2 cable:


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