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Anybody familiar with Luma 3DS?

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(Not 100% sure this topic is considered appropriate, so feel free to lock/delete if it's not.)


So, I've been considering picking up some Japanese 3DS games lately- which also means importing a console since the system's region locked. Thing is, I already have 2 3DSes (upgraded my original to a New 3DS XL). I was doing some research, & learned of a program called Luma 3DS that effectively 'jailbreaks' the system, allowing homebrew software & region free gameplay while retaining all original function. It's also apparently pretty convoluted, & the stuff I can find on it goes technical pretty quick. I don't really deal with this kind of thing EVER, so I don't follow the jargon well... anybody ever install this? How is it? My main concerns are (obviously)the stability running Japanese carts on a technically US system, and if it'll run translation patches with physical carts (being able to read some of the RPGs would open up my import options a lot.)

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I don't have the interest, mostly because I know I'd never put it to good use, but I researched it some.  What he said there, it will remove the region-locking problems.  That alone would be the single reason I'd bother with it, as 3DS had some really solid Japanese stuff we got hosed out of.  But I mean at that rate, most would just download the files anyway to a massive memory card.

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I want the other Sega 3D Classics compilation cart (which had a couple exclusive bonus games) and maybe the third GameCenter CX game, though I hear it’s bad. I went the whole lifetime of the 3DS ignoring Japanese exclusives because of the region lock, even though JP exclusives for the DS were some of my favorite games (Osu! Tatake! OU EN DAN!!!). I wonder what I missed.

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