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Gamecubes, UPDATED FS list 08-08-23


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See something you like? Feel free to make an offer on multiple items. I feel like single items are priced pretty reasonable, but if you help me get rid of a few things at once, I would love to consider offers.

Let me know and I'll give you discount.


Prices below do not include shipping unless otherwise stated.



I will be updating this thread with items I need to part with from my collection and others that end up extras from bundle purchases.





$150 for original colors.

MODDED Complete GameCube setup. Power, Video, one matching controller. 

Consoles are modded with PicoBoot. Has SD2SP2 with 64GB SD card. 

I have black, purple, and silver. Each with matching controller.


The modded GC is easy to run. Swiss boots up normally, if you want the GC menu, hold the B button when pressing power, if you have the GBA player and want to run the GBI homebrew app, hold X when pressing power.

Pressing nothing loads to Swiss. The disc drive works like a champ and you can use CleanRip (on the SD card) to add your own games if you wish.






$25 $20 PS2 DDR Dance mat "controller". Game is not included unless I can find it. This thing hasn't seen action in years but it's still in good shape and worked before I moved 4 years ago. It does come with the adapter to use on Gamecube though. 





$15 $10 CTR-80a for TRS-80


Comes with box, instructions, dummy plug, wall plug, and mono headpiece. There is a little note in here from 1985(original owner?) that says "play button will not stay down" but as you can see in the image, the play button will stay down. I am not sure if it needs work or effort,. It did come up a time or 2 out of the handful I pressed it down. I have no idea how this works. One piece of cardboard flap is missing and there must have been tape on it at some point, but the rest of the box is not in terrible shape. See pictures. Can provide more if requested. The machine itself seems to be in great shape as well, but I have no way of actually testing it. Manual and service info sheets are also in really good shape. 


PXL_20221017_005721095.jpg PXL_20221017_005713009.jpg

PXL_20221017_005700272.jpg PXL_20221017_005532314.jpg PXL_20221017_005514376.jpg


PXL_20221017_005431001.jpg PXL_20221017_005424272.jpg



$10 $5 Linksys VOIP modem PAP2T

I have absolutely no need for this. Do any of you?

Comes in the box with 5v power supply.








More stuff to come.



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On 7/14/2021 at 8:25 PM, Dopy25 said:

My daughter is coming to visit and I need money to show her around. She's never been to this area so I want her to want to come back. That's enough of the personal. 

That's actually too much of the personal.

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2 hours ago, RJ said:

Dafuq's goin on w/ those 7800 carts??? ??

No idea. I got them that way. 


2 hours ago, RJ said:

That's actually too much of the personal.

Cool. Thanks for looking!


12 minutes ago, hhwolfman said:

Freddy Kruger Collection. 

Entirely possible. I got them in a bundle of games on FB. Bunch of weirdos on there.

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Today only 20% off lowest marked price.


I made the mistake of sending someone a PS3 that I had listed for parts through FB marketplace (was supposed to be a local only but they convinced me to ship). They got it and didn't like that it did not work (clearly marked as parts and needing a HDD) for them so they opened a Paypal case. I'm just trying to get at least the $24 that I am negative until it clears. 


Take advantage of the sale! Today only, no limit.

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Well yesterday didn't help. Was 20% not enough to draw attention? How about 25%?


Don't be discouraged. The sale I got burned on was a PS3 I posted here some time last year. I gave up on selling it so left it on FB and Offer up. Someone convinced me to ship it for $15 plus $10 shipping. I told them it was for parts, I described everything I did here. It would not update, did not come with HDD etc. Buyer got it and reported to Paypal that I sent him an "empty shell" when I did not. Board was there, all parts were too except the HDD. 

I have a few feedbacks here on AA that would indicate my legitimacy. I just got scammed by some douche thinking he could run the .pup and solve everything, when I specifically said I already tried that.


Buy some stuffs and pay by tonight and it will be shipped out tomorrow by either UPS or USPS.

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