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Atari Game Music Collaboration: Megan McDuffee


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The above video sounds kind of cool... honestly it really reminds me a lot of 90s / grunge music... it has an air of 16 Stone / Bush, No Doubt, mixed in with some Megadeth. The second song in the YouTube video sounds super 80s... haha... which is cool too.


I'll buy whatever it is...

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On 9/3/2021 at 12:36 PM, _The Doctor__ said:

heh sounds a bit like the temptest 2k soundtracks

Yep...reminds me alot of the house music used for the retro-remakes made in the 90's like T2K.  And I'm fine with that!


Looking forward to the new Centipede game, especially if it's leaning more towards the Pac-Man Championship gameplay style.

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The full album is now available, for download.


She also has merchandise available, but not of the Atari Recharged album yet.

The Doom Buggy music from Centipede is also on YouTube, as an example.


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There's a feature article about the best video-games music, on Bandcamp.
Megan McDuffee is featured, along with the Atari Recharged games series. Give her some <hearts>. ?

(Partial screenshot.)


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Megan just announced album #2 of her Atari Recharged series works, although not all released yet.
I'm a fan of her music, and the Atari Recharged music, yes. I hope she continues to work with Atari.



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