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The Howling 1+2 for Sega CD


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I LOVE the howling movies. So i figured, why not make a game where you explore the colony and Drago respectively. I won't be able to program this game but i can write the story for it (I have no knowledge of 68k). Most of the game would be 2D and the rest a mix of FMV and first person mystery.


Basically, you would be able to either play as Marie or play as Karen White as they explore their respective locales.


I would expand on certain scenes (the doctor gets an actual boss fight, the old couple becomes playable, the hikers still die but have to fight other wolves etc)

and make other sections more compact (no need for the church, remove or shorten the sex scenes, skip over richard).


If somebody could do the art and somebody else do the programming, I think i could bring this idea to fruition. FMV is still on the table.


Not looking to make it, just a thought experiment for now. 

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