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Sega Nomad Modern Battery Pack?

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The truth is when I got my Sega Nomad a few years ago, it didn't come with a battery pack. Frankly after checking eBay and seeing what they go for, I really don't want an original. I heard the stories of how the Nomad can suck the life out of a new battery in less than 2 hours. So I am wondering has anyone figured out a modern solution to the battery pack issue? Such as some sort of lithium power pack? 

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You will still need to get batteries to put batteries in this, but it's basically as modern as possible. What drains the Nomad's batteries so fast is actually the stock LCD screen; it's not very efficient. Put a modern screen in it and it should (no promises) increase the battery life.

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The Nomad is one of the worst offenders for short battery life. If you have the option, your best bet is gonna be plugging it in or else you'll lose a ton of money on batteries. Even with a modern battery pack like Steven pointed out. Although, I can see that making the console feel a bit less portable.

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