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SNACK - SNES Atari Controler Kit


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12 hours ago, Irgendwer said:

To all: Do you think it would make sense to change the Joy2B+ standard even now?

The Joy 2B+ was intended to easily implement 3 buttons for 8bit computers and 2 buttons for 2600.? Now I am playing with a USB to Joy 2B+ adapter using an Arduino.


It would be interesting to create an arduino adapter or a pcb with several configurations to connect any kind of joystick or gamepad to the ATARI. this way you don't modify the joysticks or gamepad you only have to use the special configurations for each platform.?


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15 hours ago, Mathy said:



The member fee for international members is 32.00€ per year.
Bank: Sparkasse Vest Recklinghausen

Account holder: ABBUC e.V.

Accountnumber: 54000468
Bank Code: 426 501 50
IBAN: DE63 4265 0150 0054 0004 68, SWIFT-BIC: WELADED1REK

PayPal: https://paypal.me/abbucev





Thanks for the reminder - I'd forgotten to renew for this year.  Done.

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On 12/29/2021 at 11:11 PM, BrainSlugs83 said:

Dang though.  I going to be making my own "smart" Microcontroller based controller adapter (for Genesis, 7800, NES, and SNES) -- but I would prefer not to fracture the eco-system -- so being compatible with the existing solution seemed like the proper thing to do.  (I have no plans to sell mine, but I would openly sharing it.)

Perhaps you can use SNES2JOY as a starting point? I shared all the schematics and source code here:




But, big BUT, this only works with original (or clone) cabled controllers. I tried the wireless thingy, and it doesn't relay its signals the same way and hence it doesn't work. Seems to rely on the undocumented pins of the SNES connector. I wonder how SNACK solved this.

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Happy new year all. :D


I would be very interested in getting my hands on a SNACK adapter in the UK. I am not a member of ABBUC.


I quickly scanned this thread (and may have missed something), but I assume at some stage there will be a separate order thread made available for those interested?


I'd mainly be initially buying to use with Final Assault 1.1.


Incidentally I had already purchased a Genesis joypad controller a few mothns back. I was going to adapt it for use with the A8's joystick port (with some jiggery pokery to ensure the voltage pins were correct to avoid frying the controller). However it makes sense to me to perhaps abandon this for now in light of the SNACK adapter. (Plus of course because Final Assault doesn't factor in the Genesis controllers at present).

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1 hour ago, patjomki said:

I would also like to buy one of these but I still hope for a version with a case.

I read the comment below your post first, referencing a "tasty SNACK", so when I read yours, I misread it at first and thought that you were hoping for a version with a cake!


Mmm.  Cake.  ?


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Ordered my tasty SNACK - wingin it's way from Germany as we speak.:grin: Also got me an original SNES controller off Ebay (UK) for less than £7. Can't wait to try it out on Final Assault. 


I may have missed this but is there a definitive list of current A8 games that support SNACK/SNES controllers? Apologies if it's already been mentioned.:P

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3 hours ago, Philsan said:

...and all other joystick driven games. Just to mention it again, while other solutions need explicit support.

Additionally, playing pinball games with the shoulder buttons via SNACK really makes a difference - at least for me. ?

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3 hours ago, Lastic said:

Will it work on an Atari ST(e) also?

Really interested in finding a bluetooth solution for both my 8bit and 16bit Atari's, as such this combined with the 8bitdo might be the icing on the cake ?




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  • 4 weeks later...

Finally I completed the case for my adapter.



The case consists of three parts. You can find the STL files in the archive (dimensions are 'mm').





I managed to handle the different port heights by constructing two grooves for the PCB in the bottom part.

If you slide the PCB in the top groove, the port height matches the 400/800/XL. If you slide the PCB into the bottom groove, the height matches the XE series.




Since the bottom part holds the two top parts quite well together, you can normally abstain from gluing them together.

With one exception:

If you have a prototype board (inspect the vias on the PCB) the joystick connector is not so well centered and the PCB has slightly more width. Here it's better to take some superglue and apply it to the seam of the top parts.



Please note: To allow operation in the "XE-groove" you have to take off 2mm of the bottom of the small bars of the NES port.


Cutting.thumb.jpg.622ba826de8bb9a34ff3fc72c0fa9d66.jpg Cutting2.thumb.jpg.7ffd04ae267df5e4fe8e0fed28d12fb6.jpg


Happy 3D-printing and good luck finding the material colors matching your machine.

(...and don't be irritated by still seeing in the pics the support structure of the bottom part. I left it intentionally in there as it doesn't disturb.)


SNACK Case V1.zip

Edited by Irgendwer
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