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Hail-mary for a 360 with a dead laser?


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So, I found an old 360 at my fiance's place, and a random spare kinect. I thought "hey, what if I set that up in the fitness/rec room/office by the switch? Kinect games are a good workout, & there's space."


So I ordered in the missing cables to hook it up- disc tray won't eject. Try some cleaning tips- nothing. Got some white lithium grease, opened it, cleaned it, greased the gears- alright, that's working! But it won't read discs. Try adjusting the laser, nothing. Take a late trip to buy a multimeter to really dial in those adjustments- nada. 


I'm really at a loss here- I have the left pot set at 2.82 (& dare not go lower), & the right one at 802 (I've read it should be over 885, but I can't get it to go any higher). Are my numbers that off? Or is the laser just that dead- it's possible, it's an old enough unit to not have hdmi on it. Replacement drives aren't terribly expensive, but I have no idea how to find/remarry the drive to the motherboard (and I can’t solder to bring the daughter board over.)


I'm hoping someone's got an idea, or sadly this poor thing is bound for a junk yard ?

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