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Atari 5200 Battlezone Prototype


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Here it is, Battlezone for the 5200 that I recently won off of ebay.   I am here to dump the file to see if there are any differences between the one that has been dumped already.   

I hope you enjoy and let me know if there are any differences.  



Battlezone Proto Pic 2.jpg

Battlezone Proto Pic 1.jpg

Battlezone 5200 proto physical cart.bin

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Thanks for sharing all the goodies you find! FYI, this contains the same data as the existing prototype dump. The difference is that here it is doubled up. LO and MLO chips have identical data and MHI and HI have identical data. Does anybody know about the previous dump of Battlezone? Is it from a 2-chip cartridge? Is it from the cart shown on Tempest's site?

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On 10/18/2022 at 4:13 PM, Supergun said:

I’ve got a dozen or so 5200 protos that I’ve never bothered to dump either. And BattleZone is among them. But there’s just never been much interest in them.

Well you've got two people interested now! 😁

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