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Atari Port of C64 1nvader game - BETA TEST

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Been working on this a while.   I'm not going to have much time to work on this for the next few weeks.  Now that it seems to be stable (tested on Atari800 and Altirra emulators)  I thought I would put it out for others to mess with.   The tested configuration is NTSC, Atari 800, 48K.   It should run on anything.  Let me know about issues.


Yes, there is NO SOUND YET.









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7 hours ago, Philsan said:

Very colorful and with mountains scrolling, cool!


On PAL, there's sprites garbage on top:



Is it visible all the time or intermittent?


Does it move along with something else on screen?


I suspect  residue from the mothership from the title screen.   I'll see if I can get that cleaned up and update github today.




Pretty sure what you're seeing is residual big mothership parts from the title screen.   I modified the lazy code that erases the mothership.  Let me know if it is gone.


Also, I noticed the last round of lazy programmer tricks to erase the guns between the end game and the title screen results in removing the mothership from the title screen until it starts moving.  (DERP!)   Fixed that.  The mothership is visible on the title screen again.  


Added you to the scrolling credits.




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8 minutes ago, Rybags said:

Joystick does nothing and fire button just shoots and reverses you direction - is that what the gameplay is supposed to be?


Yes.   Exactly that.  Just like the original on the C64.


One Button.

One Alien.

One Life.


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1 hour ago, Philsan said:

I add that, compared to the original, the countdown is slower and when the large ship moves out, it moves under the score and not over it.


I wanted to give the second player a little more time for the first player to yell at them to ready up.


There are some things you can't do.   COLPF1 on mode 2 ends up on top of the players, regardless.  PRIOR here is definitely set to players on top, playfield on the bottom.   (I had a bug posted here earlier trying to figure that out.   In that issue the idle guns are in the position of the stats line which is turned "off" by making the text black.   The text would still show up on top of the player's guns.  I fixed that by erasing the contents of the stats line. )

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On 8/1/2021 at 12:48 PM, Philsan said:


I would adjust PAL colors.

10.png.352a082b8d644bc93b1cb1a41b381d3b.png 11.png.d8c1efbd53c09a2b284af042938e11e7.png



I adjusted the PAL colors.   They should match NTSC a bit better.    Code and XEX checked into GitHub  


(Don't have a second joystick with me at the moment, so I don't know for sure what the Player 2 gun looks like.)


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On 8/1/2021 at 2:44 PM, Philsan said:

 when the large ship moves out, it moves under the score and not over it.


Current version now erases the game scores/high score when the countdown starts, so the inconsistent overlap is not visible when the mothership flies up/off the screen..

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On 8/9/2021 at 3:22 PM, Philsan said:

Am I wrong or has the final "loser" disappeared?

Yeeeeah..... ?   Ummmmm.  I see that.  Hmmmm. 


The last things added were fixing the PAL colors and removing the scores during the countdown.  Neither should be code related to running the Game Over graphics.   


Maybe..... I messed up something in the color table and the animation is running, but using black for the colors.  My wife had surgery monday, so I'm occupied waiting on her for a while.  Maybe on the weekend I'll have some time.

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9 hours ago, Yautja said:

I was waiting for the "game over" screen, but never showed up... 



Yes, something mixed in with other recent fixes whacked the game over display.  It looks like the player input to return to the Title is working, so the game over routine is not crashed...  maybe just invisible.  Messed up color table? .... Possibly something else  


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Some updates applied to the current version on GitHub.


Colors should be more consistent between NTSC and PAL.


The Mothership on the Title Screen and the Game is now multi-color.


Playtesters list is updated for bugs/features suggested.


Yes, there still in no sound.





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8 hours ago, Philsan said:

Cool, now everything is colored!




It would be nice if the shot disappears when you die.



Well, now that's an interesting catch.  Never saw  it do that.  I guess I assumed the normal game play would complete all motions before the end game event kicked in.  Something to do....

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Now it seems ok.


As we know, when you start the game, score disappears then it appears again.

But "PAL" remains. I would make it disappear and appear like the score.

Otherwise I would show it for only few seconds when you load the game but I think you prefer to always show it because PAL gameplay is slower thus easier.


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Tried it on MiSTer + CRT TV (the colours are really lovely) both in PAL/NTSC modes. The game seems to be working fine, but there is a glitchy line on the start screen, under the INVADER. Could be the MiSTer core's fault.




It's a simple game, but strangely hypnotic and addictive. I guess you could add a lot of fun things to it (both gameplay and fx-wise)  if you felt like taking it further.

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