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Nice!  :) You have both of the Hagera Assembler Course books. BTW, as far as I have ever been able to determine, the (effectively nonexistent) first volume was only ever a set of loose-leaf handouts--it apparently never made into either book or even complete loose-leaf copy form.

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On 2/4/2024 at 12:39 PM, dhe said:


I wrote two chapters of Compute's TI Collection, Volume Two - "TI Memory Organization" and "The Heart of the TI-99/4A: The TMS9900 Microprocessor." IIRC they paid a few hundred dollars per chapter, plus a trickle of tiny royalty checks. Compute! imposed some ham handed (IMHO) edits and insertions on my original sparkling prose - but then all writers hate their editors.


(Plus I own a copy of "16-Bit Microprocessor Systems.")  

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13 minutes ago, dhe said:

And no, I didn't spend $50 each on ebay, I got them when you could call 1 800 TI Cares and say - "Hello, can you send me a copy of ..."

Yeah I miss my collection of books. I only have a few of them. At one time my library filled the first floor of my 3 story office building. I had so many good references books I would get visitors from other tech companies asking to come in and browse my collection and make photocopies, it was crazy time.

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Was copying a few of my remaining disks today.  I came across 4 versions of MDM III, the Myarc floppy controller disk manager.  Two had a MYARC label.


MYARC MDM3.zip < files for reference


The first label is black and white. There is no version associated with the program, I guess "level III" was sufficient? Was this a bridge from the Disk Manager 2 cart? Hmm.


I kinda prefer this color scheme and font, as it stands out to me. 




The second label has the blue MYARC text.  The font has changed, and the lettering is a bit wider & bolder.  


The last thing that I noticed here is the whiteout under the version III. We no longer have "level III" but instead have a program version 1.40.


I am tempted to try to scrape off the whiteout.  Possibly a re-used label for MDM5?  




The Geneve MDM 3 version 2.2 disk does not have a label.  I probably copied the files as the modify date is a few years later than the creation date. 


(Timestamps are fun for Geneve file archaeology digs).


Here is a similar label for a Geneve distribution disk.  This was the last release of MY-Word, v1.22.



Finally, I came across two distribution disks that made me feel a bit older. Egads.  These were printed at Cecure during the earlier days of my employment. I only distributed a few programs under the CECURE label, for various reasons. 


After 30+ years, I still remember the two phone numbers. Neat how some memories just stick with you.

I even ran across my last (?) backup of the S&T Software BBS.  Some day I need to fire it up and see what discussions were taking place back then.






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On the MDM III stuff, the straight MDM III disk was issued with the Myarc Floppy Controller card as an upgrade to the TI Disk Manager II Cartridge they issued with the earliest cards. The V1.40 disk was part of the early HFDC release set, IIRC, before they had MDM V ready (and thus the whiteout over the letter "V"). I do have a labelled MDM III as released for the Geneve as well, and I think it was V2.2 (I need to hunt it down to check).


The other disks are interesting--thanks for posting them.

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