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Think you're having a bad day?


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Got this when I logged onto DarkForce this morning and accessed "Atari FAQs" from

the main menu. Ugh.


I've replaced the pertinent files, but I think it's just a continuing sign that my "running

since the early 90's" 4 gig SCSI hard drive is starting to deteriorate... It's been a good

one though.  :)




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Maybe it's one of those stereo-grams where you have to stare into it long

enough to see the real image?


Or maybe someone was hacking, about to get caught, and just panic-uploaded

the data to the first place they could over-write that they thought would be safe?


Or...maybe it was DarkForce's way of saying "screw you, I'm taking the day off"

to the SysOp.  :)


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