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Pengo 2 : Sno-Bees' Balls (Circus Atari hack)


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Here is a hack from Circus Atari, one of my favourite game on the 2600,

but I never been fond of the little characters jumping on the trampoline.

So why not having the rounded bad guys from Pengo !

They slide on a trampoline on the ice and use their hands to kick the clouds in the sky !



This game works in NTSC (see above, left), PAL and SECAM (above right) with the right colors.

To do that, I have defined a common palette, so it is not necessary to maintain two (or three) versions of the BIN.
I plan to write an article about this technique, it might interest some other programmers.

In all cases, the game runs at 60 Hz.


Binary download : http://atarivcs.free.fr/Pengo 2 - Sno-Bees' Balls.bin


More info about this hack : http://atarivcs.free.fr/atari-2600-hacks-en.htm#Pengo_2_Sno-Bees_Balls


Enjoy !




P-S : I am not quite sure about the name of this hack.

I fear someone might be disapointed to not find pengo in the game.

In another hand, if we don't mention "Pengo" in it,
some people won't understand that these two character come from Pengo.

I recently discovered myself that they are called "Sno-Bees".

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