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Do you have an Atari 2600 and Harmony cart?

Random Terrain

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If you have an Atari 2600 and Harmony cart hooked up to a TV, please check these two .bin files and post a couple of photos of your screen.


SpiceWare wants to know if using the tricks by Lillapojkenpåön work on a real Atari 2600.


Here's a .bin file using the 88 row trick:



Here's a screenshot of the 88 row editor with Stella 5.1.3 next to it:



Please run the .bin file on your real Atari 2600 and post a photo of the screen.



 Here's a .bin file using the 176 row trick:



Here's a screenshot of the 176 row editor with Stella 5.1.3 next to it:




Please run the .bin file on your real Atari 2600 and post a photo of the screen.





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35 minutes ago, Gemintronic said:

Don't have any cameras set up in the office.  But, I ran both ROMs on an Atari 7800 using a plasma TV over RF.  Both work.


He'll need more testing input though.  Each TV has more or less tolerance for rolling the screen.


Thanks. We're trying to see if the lines and colors look like the images above.


For example, with Stella 5.1.3, the 88 row trick works and looks like this:




With Stella 6.0 and beyond, the 88 row trick doesn't work and it looks like this:




Does your screen look like the Stella 5.1.3 image or the Stella 6.0+ image?

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On 8/5/2021 at 1:22 PM, Random Terrain said:

Thanks. So now it's clear that Stella version 6.0 and beyond looks like a real Atari 2600. The trick doesn't work.


More info from SpiceWare:




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Thanks to SpiceWare, if you put the following file in your bB includes folder, the tricks will work again using the latest version of Stella and the Harmony cart:




[In a PM, Rogerpoco tested two programs that were compiled using the updated driver and photos show that the tricks work on a real Atari 2600 using a Harmony cart.]

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