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"They are here" - Playable shooter


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Your kernel hacking has allowed you to make a game with an interesting look, for sure.


I can't tell why sometimes a thing goes after me after I hit a brick, and other times it can just delete multiple bricks without that happening.


Is anything supposed to happen after clearing the screen? It did not for me.

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Hi everyone,


i completed my game and it's playable now. I had to skip the nice rainbow color effect ,because the missile had to built in. 


Now you have one-line kernel with asyncon playfield PF2, 1 missile,2 sprites ( 1-line hight)


I stuck in 4kb rom use, not able to manage bank switching with batari basic and my own kernel. Actually you have 6 different enemy types, there is no space for doing more enemies.


Feedback welcome


Have a nice day


Tom, from Berlin








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last built August 15th 2021
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