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Flower Power - a CC65 TGI demo with chipper music


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This is a demo for the lynx programmed with CC65. It shows of some of the TGI effects (points, lines and sprites).

I wrote the music with Atari ST protracker and converted it to chipper.





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sorry forgot the lynx binary. sorry can't work out how to insert piccys!
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That's cool, I've put it in my Atari Gamer game database - https://atarigamer.com/lynx/game/FlowerPower/751221399


A couple of questions:

  • which CC65 are you using? the GitHub version or Karri's version?
  • for the dots scene, are you drawing these with a random location at x,y or is there some formula? curious as to what causes that pattern to emerge

Didn't think I'd see a CC65/TGI demo so this is great work!

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I used the latest github cc65 . I think it's version 2.1.17 but I would have to double check to be sure.

There are two different plotting algorithms thus far. Both use mirrored x and y axis from the centre. 1 algorithm is plain random x/y the other algorithm is increase by one until touching the boundary then invert.

There is plenty of room left to add more plotting algorithms and more scenes. I have one two in mind already.

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