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bB Playfield Editor (Free Online Tool)

Random Terrain

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The bB Playfield Editor is based on the Atari Background Builder by kisrael. I wanted more DPC+ row options, so I tried to make my own less advanced version using SpiderBasic. The helpful people at the SpiderBasic forums ended up doing most of the work since I know very little about PureBasic, SpiderBasic, or JavaScript.


You can draw using 176 rows, 88 rows, 44 rows, 22 rows, or 11 rows. The editor also gives you two standard kernel choices (11 rows with blank lines or 11 rows with no_blank_lines). The playfield canvas tries to simulate the blank lines look and the color taint that you get with no_blank_lines.


Tip: You can hold down the left Ctrl key while drawing to erase.








Here's a quick video showing how the editor works:




Be sure to download DPCplus.arm and put it in the bB includes folder so the generated code will work properly:





[I don't know how to add things like lines, boxes, ovals, text, undo/redo, and so on. You'll need to use the Atari Background Builder by kisrael for that kind of advanced stuff.]

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5 hours ago, Lewis2907 said:

Do you think this will work for multisprite?


Understanding that I didn't create most of the code, I could try. I'll see if I can have three Multisprite Kernel choices (11 rows, 22 rows, and 44 rows) and fix it so when you draw a pixel on either side, the mirror of that pixel will also be drawn. Looks like there is only one color for the foreground and one color for the background, so I'll have to do special code for that. I'll start working on that tonight or tomorrow if the lights stay on. Thunderstorms keep knocking our power out when it's the most inconvenient.



5 hours ago, Lewis2907 said:

Also an adaptation for making sprites?


I'd like to have my own batari Basic sprite editor, but one of the helpful people in the SpiderBasic forums is very busy and slowly adding more tools to the playfield editor (behind the scenes), so I don't want to overwhelm them by asking about a sprite editor. There are a bunch of placeholder buttons on the playfield editor at the moment, so I can't upload it yet. Once all of the tools are added, I'll put it on the web page.


Later on, I can ask about how I'd go about having a sprite editor with multiple frames and the ability to animate it at different speeds.


Until I have my own bB sprite editor, have you tried this:



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