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Will they ever make a non portable TV only Switch console?

Bonkey Kong

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2 hours ago, Zap1982 said:

I had never even thought of a TV only Switch. At first I wasn't sure what the point would be but as above, if they released this surprise drop on the cheap I am sure it would fly out.


We have a Switch, had it for about two years. I was getting very little time on it lately (it's my Son's) and I just picked up an "unwanted gift" lite of someone for only £100 all BNIB. What I will say is this is the console that I didn't even know I needed!


Not only have I moved copies of near my entire library over to it for no charge but I am now able to pick this up and find more time to play. If everyones occupied, I can just whip it out! Before, the TV was only free in the evening and I am getting less and less time during then. It's also surprisingly way more comfortable to hold than the regular Switch.

The Switch Lites look pretty slick and more comfortable for long plays. I haven't tried it myself to know for sure. I think my wife would almost prefer a Lite since she plays in handheld probably 95% of the time. 

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On 8/20/2021 at 4:36 PM, roots.genoa said:

2) the point is not to watch the whole movie on the Switch screen, but to "switch" (?) from the TV to the handheld for the short time I empty my bladder or fill my mug. ;)

#2 I can understand, but...you can't go #1 without bringing entertainment with you!?!? o_O

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I'm not sure if it would make financial sense to develop a version of the system that is essentially docked-only. Is there enough demand to warrant the cost of development and production when you can just leave the regular Switch in the dock? What is the demand? What would be the cost of development? What about COGS and overall profit margin compared to just keeping the current system? They'll lose money developing it and the only way to make that money back is to do more than break even with it


Sure, maybe you could make it more powerful, but then will it just end up becoming like the New 3DS, which has... not very many exclusive games, or perhaps even the SuperGrafx with its 5 games + the regular PC Engine library before being cancelled after less than 2 years on the market? I don't know. If it's financially viable and there is sufficient demand for it and it brings value to customers in some way that the regular Switch doesn't, then sure, go for it, but if not, there really isn't a reason to do it unless they just want to make a new home console and move away from the existing system.


Now there are people that buy Nintendo stuff just because it's Nintendo stuff aside from the Virtual Boy, Gamecube, and Wii U, so perhaps Nintendo is like Apple in that Apple has successfully brainwashed its main customer base into buying almost whatever they crap out, but I don't know.

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